fibre reinforced concrete with artificial sand

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An Experimental Study of Jute Fibre Reinforced Concrete by . - ijirset

Research and development work in Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) started . etc. and artificial fibre like nylon, steel, glass, recron, polypropylene, . Fine aggregate: Locally available fresh river sand, free from organic matter, was used.

Behavior of Concrete using the Hybrid Fiber with and . - IJIRST

Keywords: Fibrous Concrete, Hybridization, Polypropylene Fiber, Steel Fiber, .. Behaviour of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforce Concrete with Artificial Sand.

The Mechanical Properties of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete with .

Crimped steel fibres (CSF) were used in the concrete by 1 and 1.5% volume fraction. . (2013), - partial Replacement of Sand with Quarry Dust in Concrete" shows an . Crushed natural granite aggregate from local crusher has been used and.

Effect of jute yarn on the mechanical behavior of concrete composites

Nov 25, 2015 . The main deficiencies associated with the use of artificial fibres are: . Accordingly, natural fibre reinforced cement composites are most . To this end, in the present study, two different mix ratios, cement: sand: brick chips (by.

Experimental study on the properties of PFRC using M-Sand - Irjet

Manufactured sand is the good alternative to river sand and it is purposely made, . Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete is an embryonic construction material . as well as synthetic materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene (PP).

Strength appraisal of artificial sand as fine . - Semantic Scholar

This paper presents the study of steel fiber reinforced concrete with artificial sand as fine aggregate. Three matrices with compressive strength 20, 30 and 40.

fibre reinforced concrete with artificial sand,

Experimental study on the properties of PFRC using M-Sand - Irjet

Manufactured sand is the good alternative to river sand and it is purposely made, . Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete is an embryonic construction material . as well as synthetic materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene (PP).

fibre reinforced concrete with artificial sand,

Mechanics of Fiber Reinforcement in Sand | Journal of Geotechnical .

Mar 1, 1983 . Direct shear tests were run on a dry sand reinforced with different types of fibers. Both natural and synthetic fibers plus metal wires were tested.

Experimental Investigation Of Partial Replacement Of Sand . - IJAIEM

Glass fibre–reinforced concrete (GRC) consists basically of a cementitious matrix . Crushed granite aggregate with specific gravity of 2.77 and passing through.

How Fibers Affect the Workability of Concrete | ABC Polymer Industries

Dec 17, 2009 . Q: How do synthetic and steel fibers affect slump? . In addition to the coarse aggregate, the mortar (sand and cement) must also coat the fibers.

CONCRETE Aggregate -

Experimental Study on Strength and Durability Characteristics of Fibre Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete using Artificial Sand. IJSRD Journal. Uploaded.

Different types of Fibres used in FRC - International Journal of .

of fibre reinforced concrete and showing the different types of fibre systems and their . that new material like steel, glass and synthetic fibres replaced asbestos in . uses fine sand, cement, polymer, water, other admixtures and alkali-resistant.

fibre reinforced concrete with artificial sand,

Experimental Study on Properties of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Jun 6, 2015 . Glass fibre–reinforced concrete (GFRC) is a type of concrete which basically . cement, sand, coarse aggregate, water, polymer and admixtures, in . Two single sized crushed stone aggregates ranging from 12.5 mm to 2.36.

evaluation of composite polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete

Keywords:- Polypropylene fiber, Strength of concrete, Fiber reinforced . work shows that the replacement of natural sand with artificial sand is fissile and.

Enhancement the Strength of Conventional Concrete by using Nylon .

The properties of fibre reinforced concrete are very much affected by the type . Fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) is a composite material consisting of cement, sand, . of fibres such as metallic and non-metallic fibre like (steel), glass, synthetic,.

Fibre Reinforced Superlight Concrete: Testing of Materials and Full .

synthetic micro fibres (fibremesh), synthetic macro fibres and steel fibres are investigated. . and execution of fibre reinforced concrete where beams of dimension .. (stabilizer and defoaming agent), increase of the sand/Leca-relation, and.

Strength of Normal Concrete Using Metallic and Synthetic Fibers

Comparing the results of fiber reinforced concrete with plain concrete, this .. Good quality river sand was used as a fine aggregate having specific gravity as.

study on strength properties of fibre reinforced concrete by partial .

fine aggregate was checked by preparing concrete mix of M30 grade and studying the . Keywords: Copper slag, sand replacement, steel fibres, hooked end fibre, crimped fibre, . used was crushed angular aggregate of size 20mm and down.

Engineering Properties of Treated Natural Hemp Fiber-Reinforced .

Research has shown that treated hemp fibre reinforced concrete (THFRC) can provide . A major problem of natural plant fibers compared to synthetic fibers is the lack of . Shingle with a maximum particle size of 10 mm and sharp sand with a.

Experimental Study On Hybrid Fibre Concrete With Using . - IJEDR

concrete ductility and energy absorption, fibre reinforced concrete has been introduced. The present investigation revealed the effect of using GGBS and M Sand as a partial replacement of cement and fine .. It is a synthetic carbon polymer.


SCC has 0.3%,0.6%,0.9%,1.2% and the steel fibre . Steel fibers are normally added to concrete in low .. The specific gravity of this artificial sand was found.

Modeling of compressive and flexural strength for incremental .

. of concrete acquired with combination of artificial sand and natural sand, utilizing .. Behavior of Polypropylene fibre reinforced Concrete with artificial sand.

Investigation on Waste Plastic Fibre Reinforced Concrete . - Irjet

. to river sand and it is purposely made, fine crushed aggregate produced . Key Words: Fibre reinforced concrete, manufactured sand, compressive strength.

experimental investigation on steel fibre reinforced concrete . - ijscer

The necessity of metakaolin in steel fibre reinforced concrete to enhance the strength properties of concrete. . artificial means in powder and fibre, mainly liquid admixture . Fine Aggregate. Clean river sand was used as fine aggregate.


All fiber types (steel, micro and macro synthetic) have the potential to "ball up" in the . Steel fiber fibers can "ball" when they are not added at a consistant uniform rate . Concrete is a composite material composed of rock, sand, cement, water.

Experimental Studies on Glass Fiber Concrete - American journal of .

investigation to study the behaviour of glass fibre in concrete. . of cement, sand, water, and admixtures, in which short length glass fibers are ... Siddique, R, (1997), "Properties of concrete reinforced with low percentage of synthetic fibres",.

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